Cher-ing the Gay Love

Pete Simpson

She was born in the wagon of a travellin’ show and her mama used to dance for the money they’d throw, but she grew up to be a woman of morals and standards. Cher never fails to amaze the world with her opinions. The original Gaga has recently been outspoken about Miley Gate, commenting it’s her live performance that is more tragic than her scantily clad outfits.

The queen of pop hasn’t just been commenting on slightly less talented than herself  popstars though. No, she saves some of her opinions for something much closer to her heart… the gays. This year Cher has already expressed her support for her gay fans in Russia after rejecting an invitation to perform at the Sochi Winter Olympics. The superstar was asked to participate in February’s official opening ceremony but refused in a stand against the controversial anti-gay legislation introduced earlier this year.

Her solidarity with the LGBT communities around the world was seen again this week after her appearance at the Attitude Awards in London where she was accepting the award for simply being, well, a legend. Comparing herself to the late Judy Garland, another deemed as a gay icon, Cher said ‘I think what you guys like, is you like a strong woman that’s having a breakdown constantly, and that certainly is me.’ She went on to say ‘Judy Garland’s got nothing on me.’ The 67-year-old legend’s latest album, Closer to the Truth, also became the highest charting of her career, so as well as her recent award she’s had lots to feel gay about.

So Cher thinks she knows why gay men love her, but why do we? Here’s my top three reasons..

3. She’s proud mother to Chaz, the son who was her daughter. Although Cher has admitted previously she found it hard to deal with Chaz being trans* at times, she’s fully supportive of her son living the life he felt he needed to and undergo gender reassignment and live as a man.

cher chaz bono

2. It takes a strong woman to make Meatloaf look hot, that’s the singer not the American meal. But in 1981, Cher couldn’t have made a raunchier video of the time with ‘Real Dead Ringer for Love’. The outfit, the singing and the dominance of a woman taking control – raunchy perfection.

cher meatloaf

1. Many a gay man (excuse the slight stereotype) loves to don a wig and have a punt on Karaoke. And what drag act down at Molly Mog’s on a Saturday night doesn’t want Cher as the base model of their foundation; she makes a greater queen than all of us, and Chad Michaels just takes it to another level.



You can watch Cher’s full acceptance speech here:


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