Chris Crocker’s latest video asks us to ‘leave RuPaul alone’

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As the storm surrounding RuPaul and his perceived transphobic comments continues, it seems that another opinion has hit the internet to jump to Ru’s defence. However, this latest avenger comes in the form of Chris Crocker, the YouTube celebrity who once famously told us all to ‘leave Britney alone’.

In his new heartfelt video, the internet star asks the trans* community to look at RuPaul’s history and the era he came from, when he states the word ‘tr*nny’ was used to apply to drag queens as well. Crocker goes on to say in his video that when the community stands against people like RuPaul, then the ‘gay community is eating itself alive’. This sentiment echoes a statement made by RuPaul himself in an interview with Jonny McGovern on his show Hey Qween.

While the battle continues to rage on, forcing a strong polarisation within the LGBT+ community, it seems that this new video by Crocker will earn a great deal of traction. The fact that the video itself is similarly titled to the video that made him a household name also shows how far Crocker’s support of RuPaul goes.

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For fans secretly hoping for another cringe-worthy video from Crocker screaming and crying in defence of one of his icons, they will be disappointed. This new video shows an obviously emotional Crocker speaking reasonably about the subject, showing a stark contrast from the image seen when he sought to defend Britney Spears in 2007. His message is to ask us to broaden the minds of the people who would use transphobic language in a derogatory way, rather than target RuPaul who he describes as using those words in a lighthearted, loving way.

You can find Crocker’s latest post on his channel on YouTube, but we lovely people at Vada have also included it below for your viewing pleasure. We’re nice like that.

What do you think of the continuing war of words? Do you think Chris Crocker was right to give us his two cents on the subject? Leave us your comments below and tell us where you stand on the subject.

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