Condolences to the Year that was – 2013

Matthew Hoy
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Firstly, I’d like to offer my condolences. You see, death has befallen you. Like all those whom you have devoured and stolen their light, now yours, too, has faded.

Yes, you have taken many lives, extinguished one dream too many and stolen hope. There were also sparks of hope, glimmers of genius and rumblings in the engine of change.

You will claim to be The Year of Change, but to me you are The Year that Was. You only last 365 days, but I shall live on. And you tried to scare me with your long list of victims and saying “you may be next”, but it is you who has died.

The crimes against humanity you oversaw shall not be forgotten, but will be confined to textbooks and journals eventually. You will be imprisoned within yourself. Now as the clock ticks, and we start to forget you, I see your shadow shiver. Your predecessor tried to tell us the world would end; you bid farewell to key figures of our generation in an act of tyranny, but you have not stolen our hope.

Normally farewells constitute tears, and that holds true for now. I will cry, for the lives lost, the loss of joy, the families torn asunder, the talents hidden.

I won’t miss you, but I won’t begrudge you either. You are a time, a period, and nothing more. I am a life. You expire, I respire…

365 days, 8 760 hours, 525 600 minutes and 31 536 000 seconds. Your time has elapsed, and as your breath becomes shallow and your grip on my hand begins to fail, I bid you farewell.

I won’t forget you, and nor will I try to because to do so would be naïve. But now you are a memory, a part of my past. You are a part of me, which is why I control how I react. I will learn from what you taught me and look back and laugh at the happier moments.

Your pulse has faded and your heir to the throne has come upon me. It reminds me of you in your earlier days. Full of life, bursting at the seems with propaganda, but like you it too will fall. So listen 2014, I know you can hear me.

I won’t let you destroy me. I won’t let you steal my light. I am in charge of my life, not you. You will last 365 days and not a single day more, and I will live beyond you and you too will become a memory.

I am ready for you, take my hand but this time I will take the lead in this paso doble.

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