Daniel May: ‘Trans will never be real women’

Daniel Wren

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Daniel Wren

Daniel May’s at it again – this time insulting trans women and saying they’ll never be ‘real women’.

I’m sure it’s a ploy to get attention, actually, but I feel bad even for writing this. Firstly, it feels like I’m doing the dirty on a fellow homo, and secondly, I feel like I’m giving the fire oxygen.

I mean, there were the comments he made about camp men. Then there was the incident of him allegedly saying he’d slept with Jordan Parke. Jordan denied it.

There were also claims he’d made up being gay bashed. There’s something scary here, for me, because I don’t agree with victim blaming and too often vulnerable people are ignored when they speak up about abuse and violence.

I wrote up the article about these claims, finding it all rather silly but knowing it’d be a popular read (it was, because lowest-common-denominator stuff is sometimes a sad but necessary part of journalism). I tried to be unbiased about it, and then fretted that I was a terrible person afterwards (I am, I know, but that’s not the point . . .).

I wondered if I’d contributed to an aura of hostility around a possibly good man who had already apparently been attacked by homophobic thugs. Although he did share the post on Facebook, so perhaps he enjoyed the free publicity?

It could be that these are just the work of haters trying to foment anger against him. I want to believe my fellow queers when they say they’ve been attacked, But then . . . then came this!

Trans will never be real women, I agree with Germaine Greer, Just because you lop off your cock and then wear a dress, doesn’t make you a fucking woman!!!! growsomeballs-back

Posted by Daniel May on Monday, 7 March 2016

The response, of course, hasn’t been a positive one.

You are saying all of your opinions about everything from abortion to transgendered people, but they are just opinions…

Posted by Mitch Weller on Monday, 7 March 2016

More worringly, a number of people I know (people who should know better) have liked the post. People with trans friends and trans customers – who might now lose some business because of the whole affair. But whatever. That’s on their conscience as this is on mine.

Previously he posted this:

For all the people out there that are saying what right does this police officer have to park in a disabled bay, anyone…

Posted by Daniel May on Monday, 7 March 2016

And this:

Then he took a further Katie Hopkins turn:

He’s clearly trolling now. It’s a pity, really, because I thought the faux encounter with Jordan Parke was a shrewd PR move and perhaps indicated he had a sense of humour. But I guess not.

And now I must apologise too, because I’ve seen the troll and I’ve handed it food. Again. My bad.


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