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With gay men comes a love for musical icons. Some openly love them, some openly hate them., some even pretend not to like them but behind closed doors still belt them out! My iPod is full of them. As it’s Christmas and I like you, here is a rundown of Vada’s top divas!

Mariah Carey

Whether it be hitting those whistle notes or demanding white kittens in her dressing room, Mariah Carey is definitely one of my favourite divas. With a career spanning from 1990 onwards, and having sold millions of records, Mimi is unrivalled in many ways. Some will always try to do that final part of ‘We Belong Together’ or ‘Without You’ but none can compare.

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Beyoncé performing live got me addicted. No one can say that Beyoncé can’t give a good performance. Racking up millions of views on YouTube, she definitely has the diva credentials with an awesome voice to back it up. She can move, she can sing, who doesn’t want to be her? She released a fifth self-titled that no one knew about which managed to rocket to number one worldwide. She is amazing. Love her.

Ariana Grande

A very new diva but a very talented one, Ariana Grande is set for big things. I have been a fan of her for a while. Starting off on Nickelodeon, her debut album Yours Truly bucked the trend as Ariana was the first female to top the Billboard Album Charts in three years. Regardless of this, I still feel like people don’t really know much about Ariana. But they will soon. Here is her recent AMA performance of ‘Tattooed Heart’.

Lady Gaga

A diva countdown would not be complete without Gaga. You probably know more than me about her so I won’t bore you with the credentials. Just stand in awe.

Christina Aguilera

With her belting vocals, distinctive look, and songs you will have in your head for hours, Christina is fierce. She once told us to get Dirty with two r’s and asked us if we wanted to do something rather rude in French. That was it, we were sold.

Now you might have just read this thinking, well where are Whitney, Celine, Britney, Rihanna, Ke$ha, Pink and all the other greats? The world of diva icons is a fierce one, but at the moment these are my favourites. Who’s yours?

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