Homophobe in deNile – Bigotry in Australian Politics

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It’s officially on.

Australia’s on-again, off-again prime minister Kevin Rudd has at last announced the date for this year’s federal election, choosing a day just a measly month away on September 7.

With this comes a 33-day period of prolonged, overdone and completely ridiculous media coverage that covers political parties, candidates and issues that are just as idiotic as bogans insisting that the mullet was ever, and still is, a fashionable choice of hairstyle – I’m ashamed to say that the 80s haven’t died in Western Sydney. Think duke box tunes of Cold Chisel and John Farnham accompanied by a slab of beer and at least twelve cigarettes.

Continuing on with similar out-dated values of the ‘real Australia’, and the family unit that bogans hold dear, is one particular person and his cult-like followers who intend to see him elected as the next PM. Though, thankfully, the majority of Australians understand that this man is as fond of brainwashing as the Westboro Baptist Church.

Reverend Fred Nile is the leader of the CDP – the Christian Democratic Party – and is “totally against a baby being brought up by two mothers”, because it’s “a very poor example for the rest of the Australian population”.

He also shows distaste towards marriage equality, abortion, Islam, climate change, and, going along with his party’s official Facebook page, is also one to consider trans anti-violence projects unimportant for the community.

It seems to be that the bulk of furore around his approach to politics concerns his views on the LGBTIQ community, marriage equality and same-sex adoption. And, just as many other conservative religious bigots insist on embedding themselves in somebody else’s business because God would ‘appreciate their interference’, the CDP have ruffled more tired feathers than can be found on a fifty-storey emu.

Back in May, Reverend Nile appeared on much-watched questionnaire show Q&A on ABC (that’s our counterpart to the glorious BBC) where he shared a number of comments in front of the live studio audience.

Almost halfway into the show, he attempted to defend his past opinions:

“I’ll give you $1,000 if you can find anywhere when I’ve said anything which has been hateful or vicious about homosexuals. You won’t find it.”

If the bets were on, there’d certainly be quite a few winners.

This is the man who has condemned queer pride and prayed to God that the rains would fall down on Sydney’s most colourful event on the calendar: Mardi Gras. Little does he understand that a spot of rain can never keep a good queen down.

Recently, the CDP has begun receiving more negative attention for their Facebook posts, usually consisting of unsourced statistics, a horrible orange and white colour scheme, and a vomit-inducing biblical quote. A personal favourite would have to relate to a July 26 posting, which has overnight resurged in comment numbers as it’s shared over social media.

It reads, “Same sex couples earn 29% more money than female-male couples. Mum and Dad taxpayers are the most oppressed Australians in our economy. Christian Democrats will change that.” Shall we list the flaws in that comment?

Firstly, it’s nice to note that all members of the LGBTIQ umbrella pay tax to support families with children, and would be forced to pay a higher tax if marriage was legal for all couples regardless of gender. Win for all, perhaps? Also think of that lovely boost to the economy once gay bridal registries are established. Fluffy white swans, lavish pink champagne and a twelve-tier-cake would also make an appearance after the ceremony.

Secondly, it’s rather insulting that ‘mum and dad’ needs to be capitalised. Is this yet another attack on same-sex couples not being adequate parents? They really enjoy pushing this ‘traditional’ family agenda.

Thirdly, the second sentence is obviously a load of shit. Working mums and dads are not the most oppressed in our economy. Single parents who work long hours and still need to cater for young children are. Well, most likely are.

Nonetheless, one must give old Fred some credit for having enough courage to speak his mind. He’s either got cojones the size of grapefruits, or he’s an utter dickhead.

Heavens forbid that #teamnile manages to convince enough dingbats out there to get him into power – it’s certainly another way to pray away the gay.

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