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While on my many travels through the land of Tumblr, I came across these lovely images. A quick online search lead me to the Safer Schools Coalition Victoria (SSCV).

SSCV is a government backed group that supports teachers and students throughout Victoria, Australia, to help raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and offer help within schools.

This campaign in particular highlights problems that trans people have in schools relating to uniforms. In the UK we have a generally standard uniform for both sexes. So while I can acknowledge that this issue may not be as high for us over here, it is definitely something that can be a problem.

Gender Uniform MultiThe posters are simple and to the point, showing school-aged trans* people in a uniform that makes them comfortable and state that Gender is not a Uniform.

A search online has highlighted to me that we have nothing within the UK that is wholly government sponsored to help with these issues. That’s not to say that we don’t have anything – we do and organisations like Schools OUT and Stonewall do an amazing job. What I’m suggesting is that we need something more, something on this level, something that can help to stamp out bullying and support LGBT+ issues within the UK.

gender uniform LargePlease support the Safe Schools Coalition Victoria by liking their Facebook page here.

To learn more about what SSCV do please visit there site here.

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