Hate. Fear. Hope.

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Hate comes in many forms. It can come from fact and fiction; it can be internal and plague the mind, or external and cause violence, wars and death.

In Russia, the recently publicised hate towards its LGBT population from some quarters, comes from a lack of understanding and an upholding of intolerance towards LGBT people just because of who they are. It’s a darkness that we on the outside envisage enveloping people who seek to control every action and every desire out of a fear of the other.

While the Sochi Winter Games are watched all over the world, I wonder how many are thinking about what isn’t being shown. Protest group Pussy Riot had two members recently released from a two year sentence in Russia. Soon after, they were arrested on a criminal charge, but released without anything further. Then, while trying to protest through song and dance, members of the group were thrown to the ground, whipped and beaten. All while people skied and circled on our screens. It’s so chillingly removed and seemingly disconnected, yet geographically so near to one another.

While we should not forget about Sochi, even after the buzz of publicity has died down, there is continued injustice the world over whose continued struggles quickly lose their media spotlight as the world moves on and forgets. I urge you to watch, share and talk about the video from Ukraine detailed below. People are rioting and fighting their government so that they can have freedom to live without fear. Fear of living in a place that they do not have control over has become too much. My words cannot mean as much as hers, so watch, hear, and see for yourself.

With doom and gloom the world over, it’s important… or rather necessary, to look for signs of hope. Signs of goodness, humanity and kindness. In Norway, a social experiment took place and this is the result. In many ways the film speaks for itself but note who the people are, and how they choose to or not to engage. Don’t be surprised if you, like me, find yourself shedding a tear.

‘Always Remember!

The world is beautiful,
But it’s hidden behind a
Veil of darkness.’

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