The Holy Trinity of Gay Comedy

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The gays have always had a thing for women and men who have reached A certain status in the entertainment industry. We call them gay icons, and by my own definition there are about 100 of them. And three of them form what I call the holy triangle of (gay) comedy. These three are the ”D-List Queen” Kathy Griffin, showbiz icon Joan Rivers and amazing activist comedienne Margaret Cho. All three of these ladies are multi-talented in what they do, and have all been huge supporters of the gay community over the years. So now it is time to give these fierce divas aka. bitches a moment in the Vada Magazine spotlight. Get ready to laugh and bring an open mind… because this one is going to be rated at least PG-13!

Kathy Griffin

kathy griffin

What to expect: Kathy will give Hollywood a dressing down, and it will be juicy! This red-headed diva takes no prisoners! Comments on “The Real Housewives of Everything”, Oprah and political comments are imminent.

Why the gays love her: Not many have been so extremely outspoken about their love towards the LGBTIQA community like Kathy. She marched in favor of gay marriage many times, works with the Trevor Project and has been on the rainbow side forever!

Fun Fact: She actually is friends with Cher, Joan Rivers, Anderson Cooper and Andy Dick! (Not very D-List!) Kathy holds the record for the most comedy specials ever on TV.

Kathy has made a name for herself when it comes to being outspoken and saying exactly what she thinks. Whether it is about the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow’s attitude drives us mad; Lindsay Lohan’s ever growing rap sheet or Sarah Palin and her stupidity and ignorance – even her own mother is in the line of fire! Yes, her 93 year old alcoholic, boxed-wine loving mother Maggie. You might know her from NBC’s “Suddenly Susan”, countless talk show appearances and her 2005 to 2010 running reality TV series called “My Life on the D-List”, that earned her an Emmy nomination for every season, and she even won the trophy twice! Oh, and not to forget to mention: Kathy has been nominated for a Grammy award for best comedy album for five years in a row now, but unfortunately has never won. All that gives Griffin a perfect opportunity to fight for LGBT causes which she consistently does. I mean: she labels herself as a gay man. (Which, if you look at her work, is pretty convincing!)

Joan Rivers

joan rivers

What to expect: Bitching and moaning! Lots of bitching and moaning! She literally makes fun of everyone and everything, and often she saves the most raunchy jokes for herself and her own body. Bring a very open mind, and let loose of the perception of older people not swearing like a trooper. (Because a trooper does not swear half as much as Joan!)

Why the gays love her: She might not be an activist per se, but she definitely is supportive of the cause. What the gays really love about her is her deep honesty. Joan keeps it  real.

Fun Fact: Did you know that she actually is nice, caring and very understanding? She is not that bitchy as we all think! FYI: Joan is known to be a caring grandmother.

This comedy legend and icon is over 80 years old and has still got her edge. She is still relevant and certainly has opened the door for all every modern female comic. She is the first woman to have had a successful late night talk show and her very name is an enterprise. She sells jewellery and fashion on QVC, is the host of Fashion Police on E! and her reality TV series Joan and Melissa  is in its fourth year now. Besides that, she is the author of seven books which are excellent, funny reads with substance to them. Joan is as well-known for her red carpet work that gets celebrities sweating and the viewers laugh their ….. whatever…off. And her very strong New York accent is reason enough in itself to love her!

Margaret Cho

margaret cho

What to expect: Expect jumps from highbrow humour to the depths of the gutter. Constantly. And I mean jumps from high class political material to fisting jokes! Oh, the stories about her mother are worth it as well!

Why the gays love her: Margaret is openly bisexual and has been even more outspoken then Kathy Griffin. I mean her material is so gay that it could be a gloryhole in a brothel.

Fun Fact: Margaret is a heavily tattooed chick that has no intend of being ashamed of it or hiding it in any way. Feminism is what this chick is all about.

Okay, what Margaret Cho embodies is basically the fight against all things wrong with our current society. Her humor treats all the topics from feminism, gender roles, marriage equality, sexism, creativity and freedom of speech to racism and the importance of family. As a performer she constantly challenges our perception of appropriate and acceptable. If you take her and set her next to the buildings of the Westboro Baptist Church she would probably organize a Hustla Ball and a Drag Show right in front of this and if jail was the consequence: she would be glad to do some time behind bars for such a cause. And if that did not convince you to go and see her: have you ever thought about the difference between gay and straight dick, the importance of fisting and the monster Bjork can turn into if you touch her without permission? No? But she did!

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