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I should be less surprised than I am, because I seem to convince myself every day that this kind of thinking isn’t possible anymore, but then stuff like this happens and my cynicism reasserts itself. Oh, the ignorance of humanity! Here they are:

Lawrence Featheroff: The Ohio native beat his mentally handicapped brother to “push the gay out of him”. Featherhoff has been sentenced to 30 months in jail and his brother, Jason Meyers, who shared a house with Featherhoff and his girlfriend and an aunt and uncle, has been removed from the house and placed into special care. Hopefully Lawrence Featherhoff gets the stupid beaten out of him in prison.

Peter LaBarbera and Bill Whatcott: Peter LaBerbera, the president of an organisation called The Truth about Homosexuality, which sounds as insidious as it does ridiculous, was arrested on the University of Regina (Canada) campus along with Bill Whatcott, a Canadian citizen, for distributing homophobic literature that allegedly contained  “hate speech”. Hey Peter, you want to the truth about homosexuality? It’s awesome. Especially the part where I get to perv over Zac Efron’s abs.

Some churches in Scotland: Two Edinburgh churches have seceded from the Church of Scotland after it said it will begin allowing openly gay ministers to join the Church. St Catherine’s Argyle and New Restalrig are protesting the move to allow homosexual men and women to be ordained. I would have thought that if God didn’t want gay ministers in the pulpit he would have smote them down where they stood. But hey, what do I know about logic?

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