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Some more stupid people to write angry letters to because they can’t just get over this whole punish people because they have sex thing. That being said, I did struggle to find many homophobes this week and the number of good news gay stories far, far, far, far, outweighed the stories about homophobia, so that’s a good sign.  Or homophobia is just not reported on by the mainstream news as thoroughly as it could be. Or something. Anyway, here are the homophobes of the week:


Brunei: The nation has introduced the death penalty (by stoning) for homosexual sex. Previously this carried a 10-year prison sentence. The change to the penal code was approved by the Sultan of Brunei and was almost immediately condemned by the UN. Super-celebrity Stephen Fry very publicly cancelled his reservation at a Brunei-owned hotel chain in protest. So I guess you should add Brunei to the list of countries you should never visit, even though you probably weren’t planning on going there any time soon anyway…

The American Family Association: The perennial homophobic organisation has thrown a hissy fit ahead of the release of stamps honouring gay activist Harvey Milk. They called Milk a sexual predator and a paedophile in their fiery condemnation, complete with their usual nonsensical rhetoric. It has gotten to the point where I yawn every time these people say anything, but never underestimate the insidious power of fundamental conservatism.


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