Moving to the City: My Love Letter to London

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London, a city where there seems to be something going on all over place. So I have decided to pursue my engineering career there as well as move to the capital.

Why? Where should I start? My partner currently lives and works in London and I travel up every weekend as I am based in south east Kent. What draws me to London is not only the bigger pay packets but also the people who live there. Since I have been travelling there I have found that my circle of friends has grown significantly over the past 8 months and I even managed to meet the love of my life Jesse.

Although there will always be a group of judgemental people in the world, it still amazes me that I can comfortably walk through the city holding hands with my boyfriend and not get shouted at every 5 minutes, we have had a few comments but nowhere near as many as I would get down in Kent where I would probably be stoned to death.

Most people in the city are more accepting of seeing new and different things and are not surprised when you walk from the Tower of London up to the Tate modern in a bright blue rubber suit with my boyfriend Jesse in a red rubber surf suit and an extremely tall rubber pup called PupTyler with 3 photographers taking pictures, in fact I lost count of how many people had a real interest to ask what we was doing and we even stopped for a few selfies along the way.

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Every weekend I spend there I meet new people all over the place whether it be at a fur meet, gay club or kink club. I don’t think I could ever manage to get bored as there is always somewhere you can go whether it is chilling in one of the parks, visiting all the tourist attractions or even travelling to the food market in Brick Lane.

I have a growing love for the city and it is just the small things that have the biggest impact for me. I am from an area where having a Morrison’s store opening is big news so I appreciate being able to go to the endless restaurants and look at the varieties of foods and cultures, like a small place in Brixton called Franco Manca which is a nice little pizza place hidden out of the way and even trying my first bit of sushi in Soho on the weekend.

Getting a job there finalised the decision for me and although times will be tough at first having to save for a deposit whilst staying with a friend, I can’t wait to get my own flat and settle there. I will probably move to the outer city as there is no chance I could afford central, but that suits me as I’m away from it all but can still get to the centre in about 20 minutes.

The nightlife in the city is amazing and there are so many options of pubs and clubs all over the place which cater for every type of person, there is still plenty for me to explore and I can’t wait. Although I am both nervous and excited for the big move in a few weeks, I feel like I am moving on in my life and escaping the area I live in now.

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