10 Things NOT to do on Halloween

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1 – Dress up in the same outfit as your friend.


It’s happened to everyone at some point, but if you’re going to a party with your friends there’s really no excuse to take a second and find out what everyone’s going as!

2 – Eat the sweets with the wrappers on.


This may seem like common sense but you’ve no idea how many times I’ve seen people scoffing a pack of Starburst, wrappers and all.

3 – Choke on the water from your ‘Ducking For Apples’ basin.


Speaking from experience, this isn’t all that fun. Having your head upside down in a basin full of water and hard fruit is weird enough without adding the inability to breathe…

4 – Dye your hair ‘temporarily’ green and find that it doesn’t wash out.


Temporary hair dye never works as it says it should and if you really just want your hair a different colour for one night it’s much less hassle just to buy a cheap wig.

5 – Cop out by ripping a t-shirt and putting talcum powder in your hair, calling yourself a Zombie.


Another pet peeve is when people wear their own clothes and say they’re going as a ‘teenager’ or ‘boring person’. It doesn’t take much effort to be original or funny one night a year, make an effort!

6 – Sit in the corner when Thriller’s being played.


This is a complete sin on Halloween, Thriller was recorded with the intention of making drunken people create a fool of themselves dancing along – don’t be the one claiming they’re too cool to be a bit ridiculous for 3 minutes of the night.

7 – Be a whore.


I don’t know who decided that Halloween was an excuse to wear very little and get with anyone and everyone you can see. Sure, get drunk, have fun, be free – but you don’t have to be a complete tramp in the process.

8 – Be the guy spending the night trying to scare everyone else.


This guy is funny the first couple of times, maximum. After that he’s the one that everybody spends the night trying to avoid.

9 – Answer an unknown number more than once.


We’ve all seen Scream, if someone calls you that you don’t know on Halloween, don’t entertain them. Put down that phone and make sure you’re not alone… Also don’t run up the stairs if someone’s chasing you with a knife – where do you think you’re going to escape to!? (Always annoys me in horror films)

10 – Find out the next day from your friends what you were doing.


Also speaking from experience – Halloween’s much more fun when you can remember it. Don’t be the one who gets so drunk they’re recreating Hannah Montana’s ”Hoedown Throwdown” whilst standing on the table and wearing the kitchen basin as a hat.

Have a Happy Halloween Guys & Girls!

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