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This week I was adventuring through Manchester’s city centre looking for clothes to blow my wage on and I was finding it incredibly difficult to actually find things that I wanted to buy. I soon started to think about how my personality has changed and what that means for my clothes. And then it came to me! Style. Whether you embrace the punk era that was the 70s, find inspiration in 90s grudge or are pushing boundaries with something totally out there, personal style is important to each and every one of us.

Style isn’t just the clothes you put on your body. It isn’t the fragrance you spray on your skin, or the products running through your hair. It’s an attitude. It is a projection of your personality onto the world. Style is a very powerful thing and can affect culture, religion, social mannerisms and physical perceptions. Whilst fashion is an art form and ultimately a product for us to purchase, style is something we can create freely.

Style is the catalyst that synchronises all other parts of our lives into one focal impression that we give to those surrounding us. Ultimately, it syncs everything about us, from who we want to be social with, the music we listen to, the art we are interested in, and the money we earn. It offers a first impression of our vision of ourselves to new people. This can be a powerful position, promoting individuality as well as bringing people together. However, people can be extremely judgemental, creating pre-conceived ideas about who you are because of the jacket you are wearing or the way you’ve done your make-up. This is wrong. Someone’s clothing doesn’t make them a good or bad person. Style may be a first impression, but it is still a shell that should be broken into. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, so why should you judge a human by its hair?

If there is one thing fashion is, it’s fast. Trends are constantly coming and going, lasting only months or even weeks. Time affects fashion, but does it affect style? Possibly. But in a very different way. A lot of people define their personal style around trends that are being marketed to them. However, style can’t be marketed because it’s from within yourself. Time is a vital source of inspiration for style. The past (and the future) can be used to mould your own style. As long as it reflects who you are and gives you happiness, time can only affect your style if you let it. As the iconic Coco Chanel said: “Fashion fades; only style remains the same.”

In the end, you are your style, just like your style is you. It’s important not only to feel comfortable in your own skin, but to also let everyone see the best parts of who you are. Feeling like your wardrobe is an extension of who you are can really create a sense of freedom. Be you, wear what makes you feel famous and if others don’t like it, find people who do.

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