17 signs you have a very cool mother

Daniel Wren

Times are changing. It was often the case that coming out was a lonely and isolating experience. Okay, it often still is for many people. But there is hope – because there are some mums (my mum, for instance) who are so cool it makes the whole coming out thing so much easier. Coming out is always a personal experience, but with friends and family behind you, you can overcome many of the challenges you may face.

As a thank you to all those wonder-mums who support their queer kids no matter what, here’s our list of 17 Signs You Have a Very Cool Mum.

1. She’s an advocate for safer sex.

mrs george condom

2. She tells it like it is.

you need help

3. She can delegate.

fresh prince 2

4. She doesn’t judge you on your bad outfits.


5. She doesn’t need to tell you off to let you know you’ve disappointed her.

fresh prince

6. She enjoys a varied and active sex life. And she doesn’t mind you knowing.


7. She understands that clubbing is more important than family get-togethers.


8. She doesn’t take shit.

fairer sex

9. Even from Chuck Norris.

molly weasley

10. She’s so calm and collected.

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desperate housewives

11. She’s always been a good role model.


12. She won’t let anyone badmouth you.

get away from her you bitch

13. She loves you, despite the fact your birth was pretty much like this scene from Poltergeist:


14. All your friends are terrified of her, but love her too.

cool mom

15. Remember that teacher who didn’t like you in school? She dealt with that with total calm and class.

so fucking cool

16. She’ll cope just fine once you leave home.


17. In fact, she’s so cool, she even takes her own mum clubbing.

gran party

And to all those mothers who don’t support their queer kids?

those bithces

We have just one thing to say to you:

boo you whore


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