Size Probably Doesn’t Matter

Pete Simpson

Now without sounding too arrogant, I’ve never been on the receiving end of any negative comments regarding the size of my manhood, hopefully this is a good thing, or perhaps guys just don’t want to offend me by telling me a magnifier is required to see it. However, after being in a rather cruisey club recently, I heard a couple of comments from guys who were clearly hung up (excuse the pun) on the not so hung. Several of the guys wouldn’t approach even the hottest of guys, because they’d heard about his apparently small penis. It seems that to many a gay man, size really does matter.

Men’s penis size is a well discussed topic and not just in the dark rooms of back street gay clubs, but mostly discussed when it comes to medical research. The idea of measuring up and thinking you’re below average, could for many cause anxiety or lack of confidence in your sex life, especially if you pull a so called size queen. Well, over recent years there have been countless studies, mostly US based, that have tried to explore the average size of the male penis. In a recent study by Indiana University they took to asking 1,661 to measure up in order to ask this age old question.

The study’s findings were probably not that surprising, that not all erections obtained by one man were the same size. For example, erections that were as a result of oral sex were bigger than those from when the men were measured after gaining a hard on from fantasising. The study also ruled out that age old myth of certain races and having bigger cocks than others, and come on, don’t tell me you haven’t wanted to believe those myths at some point in your life.

Remember when you were a kid and hanging on your bedroom wall you had a paper height chart that came free with a colouring book comparing you to a giraffe? Well it’s not hard to come across on the world wide web a similar chart for your cock, with measurements on it from low average to extraordinary large. So when it comes to measuring up, how do you know the guide you are measuring against is telling you the truth? In another US study, this time by Kinsey Institute, they found that most American men who took part believed they were under endowed, because the average cock size was 10 inches! Even with a whole pack of lube, the sun tan lotion and a tub of moisturiser that would hurt. The study actually found the average size was around 6.5 inches. Durex and the definitive penis guide also suggest that average is around this, and only 1 in 1000 men had cocks larger than 9 inches. I hear you all sigh with relief.

So why are men so hung on the size of cocks?

It is arguable that homos and heteros alike have that instinct to find anything large attractive, whether breasts, pecs and of course cocks. Perhaps deep down we think that we will get a more enjoyable experience from a larger and girthier beast. But whether penis size truly matters when it comes to the nitty gritty is up for debate, undoubtedly to be explored by further research. All we can say is don’t believe the hype, love yourself before you “love” other people.

About Pete Simpson

Pete is a 20 year old (and some) guy who describes himself as a social entrepreneur. He is an LGBT charity trustee and was voted best dressed male 2004 at sixth form college. Often found with a beer, in Birmingham, London or Milton Keynes. Twitter @cardboardcakes