5 English Premiership Players to Watch: Skills and Sexiness

At the start of every season, amid all the transfer speculation and early predictions, we always question,who are the footballers to look out for this year? Well, here is a list of the five footballers you should keep your eye on this season, for their skill and sexiness.


1. Erik Lamela

erik lamela
With three seasons of professional football under his belt, at the mere age of 21 – Erik Lamela is considered to be the new Cristiano Ronaldo. The rising starlet has previously signed for Tottenham Hotspur for a handsome fee of 30 million pounds; but what makes him both so beautiful as well as skilful? The Argentine had notched 15 league goals in 33 appearances for Roma during his second season under the Italian club. He is a new breed of a wide forward – fast, direct, and with an ability to win a match single-handed. He has the athleticism and ball control of a young Ronaldo, though without the arrogance that is so seen in Ronaldo. Yes, he may not have a devastating ability as Ronaldo, but his brain has a creative understanding to the game. At 6ft, he has the looks of an Adonis, must be the Latin flare to his looks, yes?

2. Oscar

oscar chelsea

The 20 year old Brazilian playmaker is another one of those starlets to keep your eyes on this season. The attacking midfielder who plays for Chelsea has proven his worth during the last season, especially with his crucial goals in Europe. He possesses a flare that not many individuals have in the game. Acumen, creativity in game play, as well as dribbling that can leave anyone in his dust proves that he is an all-round gifted player that can have a major impact on those all-important matches. Now under the guidance of Mourinho, he has been placed as a central holding-midfielder, which has the ability to create goal scoring opportunities that will prove useful to both Chelsea and Brazil during the world cup. His boyish looks do not hinder his attractiveness – it is his boyish looks that make him one hell of an attractive lad to keep your eyes on this season.

3. Aaron Ramsey

aaron ramsey

The 22 year old Welshman who plays for Arsenal is arguably one of the rising talents of top flight football in England. As an Arsenal midfielder, he has proven to be a jack of all trades and probably the most valuable player that Arsenal have at their disposable. When first signed by Arsenal he was pretty similar to the young Roy Keane. Ramsey’s game was all about power, pace and breaking from midfield. Five years worth of experience, combined with overcoming a potentially career-ending injury, have turned Ramsey into a vastly different player. You could pretty much say he now plays like Keane with a Zen frame of mind. As he still possesses a great mobility—on and off the ball—energy and honesty; but his play is now tempered by instinctive decision making, greater positional knowledge, strength and experience that belies his young age. He also has the classic looks of a handsome British man, which I just cannot seem to take my eyes off of both his fantastic game play, but his looks too.

4. Lewis Holtby

lewis holtby

The 22 year old German and English footballer who plays for Tottenham Hotspur will shine this season now that Gareth Bale has been sold to Real Madrid. The German has the ability to fit into many different positions. In the past season, Holtby played well in an attacking midfield role, a left option and as a typical central midfielder – this alone proves his flexibility as a football player that could prove to be invaluable. He may be a second choice by being on the bench, but that could change. His work-rate—especially on defence—makes him a valuable asset that could easily get recognized through another player’s poor form or, knock on wood, injury. Even if that doesn’t happen though, one can count on Holtby’s energy off the bench. This alone may prove him to be a potential to become a breakout star for Spurs’ season. Yet, what must be noted is that his maturity off the bench and adaptability on the pitch will make him a sure-fire contributor for the years to come. He is also easy on the eyes, as not only he is German but he is half English too. This gives him an element of attractiveness that will surely steal your glance during a Spurs’ match.

5. Fernando Torres

fernando torres

Granted, he may not have an impact as he used to under Liverpool, but this season the Spaniard has a point to prove with Chelsea, due to the arrival of Samuel Eto’o from Anzhi. He was bought for a staggering 50 million pounds, and ever since his arrival to Chelsea, he has been plagued with the lack of goal scoring opportunities. Mourinho, however, may just get the best out of him. As the Torres of old has been sowing glimpses in a number of matches as recently as the match against Bayern Munich in the Super Cup final. His goal proves that he has the attitude there to score the way he used to, as well as the devastating impact on defenders to both outmuscle but out-skill them. During the Manchester United/Chelsea match a week ago, he was left on the bench by Mourinho to try persuading Rooney to make the swap. However, this proved problematic as there was a lack of chances created in the front until Torres came on. He made the side a lot livelier, as well as caused problems for the United Defence. Since getting rid of that gnarly, overgrown, bleached blonde hair, the Spanish native has turned into quite the fittie. His precious freckles give him that “good boy” image, and then he takes off his shirt and sports chiselled abs and ink everywhere. This definitely earns him a place to keep your eye on for the current season.

So there you have it guys, football has a lot of interesting aspects, even if you cannot stand the sport! You will be sure to enjoy the aspect that makes us gays a lot happier – those fit football players.