Stop Being So Damn Sensitive

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As I was lying in bed this morning, scrolling through various social media news feeds on my phone (what did we even use beds for before smartphones?) I found myself gradually being filled with an unspeakable amount of anger, rage even to the point where my hands literally shook with frustration.

It seems like a lot of emotion for so early in the morning. But what was the source of my frustration? Namely: reading posts, comments, stories etc. by kids who have literally had their whole existence handed to them on a platter, yet complain about *everything* that they come across on the Internet.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Internet – I just hate the fact that via the Internet, every single person connected has the ability to spout every stupid thought that comes into their mind (and yes, I am often guilty of this myself – see my twitter feed and this article – , so I get the irony of this whole situation). Nevertheless, I find myself drowning in a sea of well-off kids complaining about almost everything the world offers. For example: on my Tumblr feed, I came across a post where the person was lamenting that they had “internalised femmephobia, and I hate that I am attracted to masculinity in men”.

This. Isn’t. A. Thing. Stop it. I mean really? Internalised femmephobia? I imagine that the OP is a gay male, and probably either young and a bit effeminate or ‘twinky’ (I’m still allowed to use that word right?) and prefers the company of masculine men – or more likely men with more muscles than they have. The other alternative is that the OP was a woman, who is into masculine men, and is upset that she doesn’t find non-muscled guys attractive. Either way, it’s ridiculous. I can imagine this person spending thousands of dollars at a shrink’s office to rid themselves of this invented infliction, ignorant that this shit is actually happening.

Another thing that grinds my gears is reading posts from people who are in some minority group that they chose to be in and think that it is their duty to make sure everyone they know is also of the same opinion. Christians and vegans: I’m looking at you. Thankfully, Christians are easy to ignore: their arguments are usually not particularly well thought out (see the latest ad against marijuana). Vegans on the other hand, they have the crafty habit of being otherwise intelligent people, who present excellent arguments for why vegan is good for you and the planet. But frankly, I don’t care. I like meat. I eat meat, which is from an animal that can theoretically run away from its killer. A poor defenceless plant can’t. It can do nothing as it either has its genitals removed forcibly, or viciously ripped from the ground by a monstrous machine. It’s inhumane. Really. You can be vegan all you like; I’m going to enjoy my steak.

I could probably go on for another thousand words about how that guy in the club wasn’t putting you down when he called you a cute twink/hot bear cub/said hello, or how that guy in your sociology class probably wasn’t deliberately ignoring all the women in the world when he said ‘mankind’ instead of ‘human-kind’, or how a store having a Christmas tree in its window at Christmas time isn’t deliberately thumbing its nose at people of other religions, or indeed how pretty much everything, everywhere, that you get your knickers in a knot about, where someone has deliberately and maliciously been not politically correct enough for you, wasn’t. Stop being so god-damned sensitive all the time about every little god-damned thing, and get on with your life. There is actual shit happening in the world that needs your attention. Quit fucking around with shit that doesn’t even matter and deal with something that does.


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