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News flash: Bullying. Solution: Ignore it.

Now hold up. Rewind, review, drop jaw. Ignore it? Um, don’t you mean stand up for yourself?

No. Now, before you go off and say I’m crazy, listen.

This past year, more suicides have occurred because of bullying, intolerance, and, basically, ignorance in our schools. Lately, celebrities have come out with songs to show that what makes us different is what makes us amazing and what makes our lives interesting. [insert Ke$ha song here]. But, why does it have to be a celebrity taking this on? Can’t we step up to the plate too?

Scenario: You walk by a student in your school. S/he is being bullied because of sexual orientation, hair, features, popularity, or lack thereof, and any other issue of vanity. What do you do? You walk by. Why get involved in something that doesn’t involve you right? Wrong.

Wake-up call people. You can change a life. I mean, who in today’s world will actually stand up for his fellow man? It’s all about cutting people down to better yourself right? True. Now, what if you were in this scenario stated above? Would you not like for someone to help you out? Of course you would. Why?

Take this into account, love is what drives people. Hope is what wakes us up in the morning. Love and hope are what we live for. Why not be someone’s love or someone’s hope? God only knows what happens behind closed doors, so stand up for them. Love and hope for the person who can’t. Be the light in the darkness that shines for others to come to. But, you have to choose to do this. Love and hope. Live a life of love so others can know it as well.

Now, high school and life is a battlefield for bullying and yet it continues year after year without something being done. Sure, we put up signs, “Stop Bullying”, now come on, we’ve all seen them on the walls. Listen, paper doesn’t “break down walls”. Only humans can do this. Break down that wall. Don’t bully or pick on people. Instead love them. What makes them worthy to pick on is what makes them human. It’s what makes you human as well.

Love is the only key to help fight this war. It is the only thing that we still strive for and hope to conquer the evil in this world. The world is all about “Be You”, not someone else. But jeez! They don’t make it easy do they?

Life is not a magical world where people accept us for who we are. It’s going to be a tough war and you are not going to win every battle. People will be prejudiced against you, call you names, and be so close-minded to ideas they find inferior. At the end of the day, don’t let them get you down. You are who you are. People will always fear what they don’t know nor understand.

Because life can put you in the dark, twist your heart, and you will get depressed. But the answer lies inside of you. It’s strange, but it’s beautiful.

Because what you have inside, is what you need to show the world. Don’t show this image to impress others. Decide to tell people what you have inside, decide to share, decide to finally follow your heart, and decide to be you. That way, you can finally touch others and love them and comfort them.

Turn to compassion instead of hate, slander, racism, and prejudice. Hate has caused many problems in this world yet it has never solved any of them. Hate is easy, compassion is hard, remember that.

Love and do so wholeheartedly. Be that light for someone. Be their legs when they can’t stand. Be their words when they can’t even defend themselves. Be their friend when no one else in the world will take the chance to know them. Be you. We are all wrong in the right ways and we are who we are.

Love someone and you know what? You just might be loved in return.

I say, we all hold hands, begin the battle, and begin to fight. Love. Hope. Defend. Believe. It’s the only way to escape this world alive.

Be strange. Be beautiful. Be you.

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