The Shallow Reason Why I Watch Strictly Come Dancing

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Each Saturday night I sit down in front of the television to watch a particular highlight of mine, Strictly Come Dancing. I enjoy the show and admire the dancing skills of the contestants partaking in the annual campfest. However, there’s another reason for tuning in that is altogether more shallow; the Strictly Come Dancing totty!

At the moment I am in mourning, after the incredibly handsome Pasha Kovalev was voted off the show with his partner Rachel Riley on Sunday. While I couldn’t care less about Rachel Riley, Pasha is perfect in my eyes and he makes me come over all queer each time he appears on screen. For the past three years he has made my Strictly  viewing a more pleasurable experience. He is physically perfect to me in every way (or at least I imagine in every way). He also seems like a jolly nice chap, unlike some of the other professional dancers who seem particularly egotistical. I was unsure about how I would cope without seeing Pasha on screen on a Saturday night, but thankfully there is more top talent on display in the form of a certain former rugby player.

I have long been an admirer of Ben Cohen; from his rugby days right through to the present moment. My admiration has turned to lust as I have come to realise that he is the perfect man. Beefy, hairy, and with an endearing personality, Big Ben has it all. Sadly that does include a wife. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t dreamt of him meeting me and leaving his wife when he realises that I am his true love. Fantasies and fancying aside, I genuinely admire Ben for his work with the Stand Up Foundation, which tackles bullying (including homophobic bullying). As a sincere ally to the LGBT cause, I applaud him. I am also thankful for the signed photo of himself with a supportive message on it that he sent me after some contact regarding his Stand Up Foundation and the LGBTQ youth support charity I run. Although the photo was sent for the young people who attend the support group I run, it’s a photo that I treasure and nobody is allowed to touch it unless wearing protective gloves. Of course I jest, but Big Ben really does have the whole package.

Other Strictly talent that I like to admire include Artem Chigvintsev, James Jordan, Darren from Hollyoaks, and an older gentleman by the name of Sir Bruce (no, not really, although I do like his awful jokes). Some of my friends quite like newbie professional Aljaz Skorjanec, referred to as Ali-Jiz by my partner, but he doesn’t really do it for me.

Now I have exposed my shallow side, I will comment on the show as a whole. Despite rooting for Ben and Pasha due to their good looks and perfect bodies, my favourite is actually Natalie Gumede from Coronation Street. She has a natural ability and I believe she will win the show this year.

So there we have it; despite previously going on about shallow gays and my dislike of them, I have shown myself to be a bit of a shallow gay too. If you also like a bit of hotness to kick off your Saturday night, I suggest tuning into Strictly Come Dancing. It’s a visual treat.

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Daniel Browne is a multi-award nominated hypnotherapist and founder of Push Projects LGBTQ youth support charity & Warwickshire Pride. In his spare time he likes to sing, dance and write. Daniel is a massive fan of Star Trek and would like to be Seven of Nine when he grows up and has worked on getting the figure to pull off a tight silver catsuit.