Taylor Swift Asks for One Chance

James Dix

You can imagine Taylor Swift on her days off from collaborating with superstars like J-Lo on her Red tour just sitting on IMDB.

You would assume Swift would browse on her retro-hipstster desktop (because she’s like so PC) and find an inspirational movie about love, development or fulfilment and write a song about it. At least that is how I would imagine Swift came up with writing ‘Sweeter Than Fiction’ for the movie One Chance, based on Paul Potts’s (the winner of the first ever Britain’s got Talent) life story.

Swift is no stranger to writing songs for movies. Back in the days of Taylor and Taylor, our young starlet had an appearance in Valentine’s Day. For the movie soundtrack, Swift recorded ‘Today Was a Fairytale’, tying in nicely with her Fearless album.

Not to forget her cameo in the Hannah Montana Movie. If you think Miley has changed, Swift could not sound more country or look much younger. It does make you think, when is Swift going to feature in her own country movie?

In a recent interview Swift explains that she had to battle with her record company to release new song ‘Sweeter Than Fiction’ as they wanted her to keep quiet and off the radio until her next album. Nobody likes someone who saturates the market constantly, not naming any names…

Simon Cowell himself approached Swift to ask her to get involved with the project. The song has a charmingly fun melody which matches the film and its uplifting sentiment. Judge for yourself.

As lovely as the song is, it is doubtful that it will match the success of her track for The Hunger Games with the Civil Wars. Although the song ‘Safe & Sound’ did not reach great chart success, the song was really well received.

Although I doubt Swift will be writing for the Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack, it is always nice to hear current songs by artists who are waiting to release a new album.

Swift is currently working on her fifth album and is working on her reputation and trying not to be known as a serial dater. Lay off Taylor, she has only dated two people since 2010!

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