Tom Daley Comes Out the Closet

Chris Hitchings

This morning the world is welcoming the news that Olympic diver Tom Daley has come out.

Many would say it’s old news, many would comment it is about time. Daley announced in a video, posted on Youtube this morning (2nd December) that he is dating a guy, whom he met in spring this year. In the intimate video he covers the background behind his decision, stating that he decided to do it on his own terms, to avoid his “words being twisted”.

The five minute long video, shot on a handheld camera, ends years of speculation by many about the sexuality of the diver. Daley commented that it had been a hard decision to make, and that some family members said that he should keep the news to himself.

In previous interviews Daley has not disclosed his sexuality, further fueling rumors that he is indeed gay. He says in the video that this was part of a decision to keep his professional and private life apart.

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He says it shouldn’t really matter, and that in an ideal world he would not have to come out. We agree. However, it shows a progressive change in sport and society in general that Daley has come out of the closet.

Despite not explicitly saying that he is gay, he does disclose he is dating someone, and “That someone is a guy.” Daley was recently awarded the title of “world’s sexiest man”, an accolade that comes with his Olympic success at the London 2012 games.

Vada Magazine welcomes the news and wishes Tom all the best in the future.

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