Why you should wear a poppy

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Recently there has been much contrversy over whether you should wear a poppy or not. November marks the time for me to wear my poppy proudly and show my support of the armed services.

It has been said that many people have chosen not to wear one as politicians wear them purely to advocate and justify war. Recent events in Afghanistan and the needless deaths of many of our British military, both men and women would of course raise some anger, and defiance in the show of wearing a poppy. What we so easily forget is why should their sacrifice be in vain. I do not agree with wars that gage some sort of political or monetary gain, but they were just serving their country. So should we write their sacrifice off for the sake of defiance because we don’t agree with law makers? By wearing a poppy we show our support and care for those families that will never see their loved ones again.

Wearing a poppy is not just remembering recent events, it is remembering past historical wars that gave us a better tomorrow and freedom. These brave men and women ensured that future generations would have a better tomorrow, and even in the face of sure death, they believed in fighting for their country. Not only has this country fought wars, but also helped allies, abolished slavery and other huge achievements throughout the ages. By remembering this, we can still learn from the mistakes and sacrifices that past generations made, helping us to shape our futures.

It is very easy to forget the continued suffering of this countries men and women, the physical and mental effects of war. When you wear a poppy lets them know that we do indeed care for those who sacrifice themselves to protect this country, regardless of political intentions. The poppy is not only a symbol of remembrance, but courage, determination and unity. In this day and age where society is under new threats all the time, and we are setting ourselves on a course into an increasingly disconnected society, wearing a poppy shows that we are united; we will continue to hope for a better place and we are never alone.

So, if that means I will be criticised, then so be it. I have respect, and a true understanding of the value of sacrifices made for this country.


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