YouTube Killed the Television Star

Jack Rattenbury

If you didn’t know, YouTube is a pretty big deal. In fact, people can become millionaires with help from the site. More and more people are becoming contributors to companies that earn money from making YouTube videos, and I bet nearly everyone with an internet connection knows or has watched one of these contributors. From the original YouTuber Shane Dawson to the hilarious Tyler Oakley, people are earning big bucks by creating content that receives millions of views.

Technology has become so advanced (and scary) that we don’t have to leave our laptops anymore. Each new generation seems to be spending more and more time on the internet, so they are finding new ways to keep themselves entertained. Here are five YouTubers that you should keep an eye out for.

Mamrie Hart

If you enjoy alcohol and puns, you’ll probably enjoy Mamrie Hart. She has an online web show called “You Deserve a Drink” where she creates cocktails linked with recent pop culture news stories. It also helps that she’s really funny (and probably drunk).

Willam Belli

If you’re a fan of the show RuPaul’s Drag Race, you probably know who Willam Belli is. Willam is the only queen in Drag Race history to be thrown off the show, and he is also partly responsible for the song, ‘Boy Is A Bottom’. He creates YouTube videos where he talks about his life as a drag queen, puts up music videos and shares all the T.


Lohanthony is only in his mid-teens, but is a force to be reckoned with. A lot of his videos reach over one million views with almost one million subscribers. He talks about his life, pop culture and cute boys, and with his crazy personality it’s hard not to find him hilarious (or annoying).

Miranda Sings

I am obsessed with Miranda. She’s a character created by Coleen Ballinger, and a hilarious one at that. She is a superstar singer, model, actress and magician with enough lipstick on her face to last a blow job in a hurricane.

Troye Sivan

You may recognise this YouTuber if you’re interested in superhero movies and watched the 2009 blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine. His coming out story reached over 2.5 million views and has become huge on YouTube with 1.5 million subscribers and counting.

Check them out, y’all!

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