A Bad Gay’s Diary: 1 January 2016

Jack Thomlinson
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Cigarettes smoked: 20+
Alcoholic drinks: 16 (Maybe/best guess)
New Year’s resolutions broken: 1 (but since this was a resolution for the past two years, this puts me behind MASSIVELY!)

Beginning of the year and I have already broken the golden rule. DO NOT kiss friends you are secretly in love with and who coincidentally already have boyfriends. Must learn this, or at least learn to hold all friends at limp-wrist’s length.

Midnight kiss – what a terrible time! Had to get drunk so as not to feel embarrassed. Then kissed lovely friend and prized bessie Cath – just not to feel left out.

Got horribly drunk and snogged best friend and love of my life, James. Resolution broken. MUST MOVE ON FROM THIS. Told myself I would at NYE 2012. So why is my life moving at the speed of shite?

Incredibly hungover, sat watching crappy new year’s TV with Cath, trying to sort out a plan of action for the year. Must stop smoking. Must join gym and get healthy! Must learn lessons from 2015, 2014 and before. Must actually, actually, ACTUALLY stick to these plans, actually.

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Back at work Monday where Receptionist Boy awaits. Only have three days to sort myself out. Will begin to choose top now.

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