A Bad Gay’s Diary: 5 January 2016

Jack Thomlinson
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Cigarettes smoked: 9
Alcoholic drinks: 2
Bad phone conversations: 1

Stupidly agreed to go to belated family NY party at Mother’s, so roped Cath into coming as well.

Progressed tinsel conversation with Receptionist Boy to a discussion on Post-It notes. Now he thinks I’m obsessed with stationery, I’m sure. WHY CAN’T I TALK TO HIM?

To make matters worse, had to endure heartbreaking conversation with James about how good his sex life is with evil boyfriend Aiden. Evil here denotes that I hate him for no other reason than being with the love of my life.

Throughout conversation I felt stomach acid tickling the back of my throat. Making myself sick over a guy? Not a good sign. Still, may help re: expanding waistline problem (although when you factor in the chocolate addiction, I do begin to worry about my teeth).

Glasses of wine with Clara after dinner and then discussed painting and decorating the house. A brilliant project to start off the new year. Or at least one that will keep me occupied for a few days, and therefore less likely to obsess over receptionists or unavailable friends.

Only three more days left at work before the weekend. Let’s see how quickly I can get through it.

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