A Bad Gay’s Diary: 6 January 2016

Jack Thomlinson
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Cigarettes smoked: 13
Alcoholic drinks: 6
Work drinks evaded: 0

Started the day with a patch, hoping to be cloud-free by the weekend, so that I won’t get caught smoking at my mother’s. But by midday I was back on the cancer sticks. Feel that annoying blend of guilt and satisfaction whenever I light up after trying to stop. Pretty miserable attempt if I’m honest with myself. Might help if I take up Catholicism or something. Then there’s extra guilt to help keep me in check.

Had a new client brief today and need to come up with ideas to pitch them by next week. So much work to do and no idea where to start.

Tried to avoid going out for drinks with work colleagues after work but somehow ended up in the pub. Missed tea and got takeaway, which means another healthy meal missed. But on Monday I will start at the gym to compensate. Honest.

In the meantime, let’s hope my mother doesn’t kill me (or that I don’t kill her).

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