December 6th – Advent

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Day 6 – Vada Advent Calendar

2013 – A Personal Reflection


As the end of the year approaches at rapid speed, it’s often a time where we naturally end up reflecting on the year that has passed and take stock of our lives and where we are going. I am no exception to this. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and I have seen myself grow as a person and achieve different degrees of success I didn’t think possible this time last year. So I want to explore the things I am thankful for and the paths I chose, which led me to them, and hopefully encourage you to take stock.

The start of the year was uncertain as I was left in limbo about whether I had been successful in my application for a design position, I had applied for a month previous. It was a once in a lifetime job, a chance for me to be creative and get myself back into a design environment. After graduating from Uni I got myself stuck in a rut of retail life and found it hard to find my break and in some instances the motivation to change it. Something clicked inside and I finally got my spark for design back, which in turn showcased my passion, thus leading to a formal offer of the position. I haven’t looked back and I am incredibly grateful and honoured to be where I am, so this indeed is one thing I am thankful for.

During this time I decided that I wished to explore the avenue of writing and set about finding any significant leads which could enable me to do so. That’s where Vada came in! I have been writing for over 4 months with Vada now and it’s gone at such a fast pace. My life has been progressing in intensity through work and personal life and Vada has always been a stable event, one which I have been incredibly proud to be a part of. Not only am I thankful for the opportunity Vada has given me in the sense of publicised work, but on a personal level it has further ignited my passion for writing and journalism.

It’s with this confidence in myself that I have also worked with some amazing clients on my own bespoke clothing label. It’s usually a hard task to balance everything, and often leaves me with little or no social life, but I would rather put my time and effort into my career now and watch the rewards pay off at a later stage. Customers have been an immensely worthwhile support and to these I also have to thank. To have belief in you and what you do is the greatest gift you can have bestowed upon you.

I’m a great believer in a positive outlook on life and therefore the more you put out there, the greater amount you will get back. Life’s too short to dwell on the negatives and this year has really set me free from situations like it and people who share these traits. I have chosen to remove myself from situations that aren’t beneficial to me and I have learnt to see the good in everything and everyone. Some may say it’s an idealistic way of seeing the world, but in all honesty it’s got me where I am today and I have to say I’m thankful for myself for that. 2013 has been an extremely rewarding and fulfilling year and I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for me. It’s a true testament to not only myself but to all my support, that I have had the most amazing year imaginable.

With upcoming projects exploring make-up, fashion and writing I have to say I am very privileged, grateful and humble about all that I have experienced, leading me to the position I am in now. I wish you all a happy Christmas and a truly amazing new year. You all deserve it. Keep spreading the positive mental attitude guys.

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