John Preston’s Essential New Tracks

John Preston

Some brilliant tunes were released over the last 7 days – here John Preston guides you through the best of them.

ANOHNI – Paradise

That ANOHNI has confirmed that that there will be an additional EP worth of music recorded during the sessions for one of the best album’s of last year, Hopelessness, is an early 2017 treat indeed. More of the same for once can be applied in a positive way.

Jamiroquai – Automaton

Jay Kay delivers disorientating and opposing time signatures set within a sleek electro-disco soundstage that’s in the vein of Stuart Price’s nocturnal and space-age collaborations with Madonna, Kylie and PSB. And there’s a rap. An audacious and camp return.

Syd – Body

Multitalented artist and singer with The Internet, Syd’s debut solo album is imminent and ‘Body’, the second track to be previewed, is spacious, queer and seriously sexy. Golden-era RnB that for once justifies the Aaliyah comparison. Perfection.

Goldfrapp – Anymore

Refusing to break with habit, it seems that Goldfrapp’s forthcoming Silver Eye album, their seventh, swaps folktronica (‘Tales of Us’) for grubby, synth pop again. Less polished that before and a vocal that roars, the duo have never sounded so vital and free.

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Jesca Hoop – Memories Are Now

‘Clear the way I’m coming through, no matter what you say I’ve got work to be doing, if you’re here not to help go find some other life to ruin!’

Jesca Hoop’s defiant anthem is a gorgeously sung and attitude fuelled folk version ‘I Will Survive’ and is a magnificent return.

Arcade Fire feat. Mavis Staples – I Give You Power

Unexpected in many way, Arcade Fire team up with a fantastically gnarly-sounding Mavis Staples on a track that sounds like it was produced by the late Mark Bell of Bjork and Depeche Mode fame. Stately electronica.

Missy Elliott – I’m Better

Honestly, the video is better than the song and although neither the track or the visuals are on a par with anything released during Missy Elliott’s imperial phase (‘The Rain’ through to ‘Work It’) ‘I’m Better’ is the reassurance we need that Missy is still listening.

Vitalic feat. Ms Kitten – Hans is Driving

Miss Kitten delivers her trademark nonchalant vocals as though electro-clash never went away. Sleeping pills, dancing disco and after-shows are all a part of Hans’ ride as seen through Kitten’s eyes on this dreamy, synth-pop highlight from Vitalic’s new album Voyager

Lizzo – Scuse Me

Trap beats forcefully trill all over Lizzo’s update on Tweet’s 2002 ode to self-love ‘Oops (Oh My)’ whilst the RnB exhibitionist continues to lead the way for female, ‘fuck you I’m fucking myself’ empowerment. If you don’t already know her, time to get acquainted with the joyful Lizzo.

Austra – I Love You More Than You Love Yourself

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The best track from Katie Stelmanis’ thoughtfully captivating third album Future Politics now has a superb and moving visual to accompany it. Austra are asserting their place within the electronic genre with aplomb and vivid individuality.

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