Oh the Agony! Dental Dams, Old Letchy & Making It Big

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Vada Agony Aunt Sam Johnson dishes out this week’s dose of HARD LOVE. Dental dams, Old Letchy & Making It Big.


My girlfriend insists on using dental dams. She’s pretty new to this all but come on! Takes all the fun out of it. Don’t want to pressure her, but can’t survive like this haha

I’ve spent the last fifteen minutes giggling to myself after misusing google to find out what a dental dam actually is. Amazing.

Erm. Get an STI test? Wash down there?


This older guy messaged me on grindr. He’s not my type, let’s leave it there? I just went silent. Everytime I go on the scene he comes up to me and my friends and tries to speak to me like he knows me. I’m not a nasty person so smile and leave, but he’s done it 5 times now and is always a bit hands on. How do I escape?!

Sometimes it’s best to be blunt, not nasty, just blunt. Tell him that you’re not interested for numerous reasons, chief amongst which is the fact that he’s ancient and letchy.

I wouldn’t be too harsh, you’re probably going to end up being him one day.


Uni’s over now and I’m staring at real life. Boyfriend wants to move to London. It’s a big step. Should I go with him? There’s nothing keeping me here.

I’m going to hazard a guess and say that you’ve been together for less than two years, he does dance and thinks he’ll ‘make it’ in London and that you secretly know that it’s not going anywhere.

Why else would you ask?

In short, no. Live your own life.

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