Oh The Agony! Radio Silence Date, The Black Dog & Ex-Texting

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Vada Agony Aunt Sam Johnson dishes out this week’s helping of hard love for gays in need: Radio Silence Date, The Black Dog & Ex-Texting.


So I had a date with this guy and it was so fresh. We just talked and talked and talked. Loved it. Best date in ages. Kissed me on the cheek, said we should do this again, then total radio silence. I’ve text him a couple of times since but haven’t heard anything from him in a week and a half. I’m so confused! I don’t want to be OTT with this and full on, but I’d quite like a second date. Help me agony aunt!

As you well know from reading my previous articles; I’m not in the business of being insensitive.

If you want my honest opinion, read answer number one. If you want a response that isn’t entirely tactless and won’t make you cry, go straight to option two.

1. He doesn’t like you. Enough stalking.

Good luck!

2. He was probably on his way home from seeing you, smitten of course, when he strayed into the path of an oncoming van. He’s either in a medically induced coma after breaking every bone in his body or has AMNESIA and doesn’t remember the date. Yet. He soon will and you’ll be the only thing he can think of.

Good luck!


I read @badlydrawnroy’s article on depression and his experience at work. I’ve felt like this for a long time. I muddle through and keep going, but the black dog is always there. I’m so scared if I show weakness at work I’ll just lose respect and lose my job. It’s a macho call centre I walk in with loads of lads. Guy feelings aren’t really talked about. I just feel trapped by it and want to talk to someone but don’t know who. I don’t want to lose my job, but I feel it’s taking me down and affecting me. What would you do?

They have macho call centres now? Intriguing…

Depression doesn’t have the stigma attached to it now that it did years ago. It may feel all consuming, like it’s the only part of you people will focus on, but they won’t see it that way.

I implore you to seek professional advice. A year ago I lost a dear, dear friend to this mythical black dog because they wouldn’t talk to anybody for fear of being unemployable. Your own health is more important than a job in a call centre.

You’ve probably had every website to do with the subject shoved down your throat by every man and his dog so I shan’t insult you with more. Please do try to talk to somebody with more experience in these matters, my specialities are more centred around awkward handjobs.


I got trashed and sent my ex a dramatic I WANT YOU BACK text at the weekend. I’ve got no idea why I did that, because I really don’t. They’re a tool… Now they’ve told our mutual friends and I’m getting pitying looks like I should be over it. I am! I don’t know why drunk me text that. I don’t want to be rude, but I want to show I’m over it. How?

Oh no you dit-int.

Who keeps their ex’s number? You should get rid of it for this exact reason.

You can’t show that you’re over it because no matter what you say, your friends will think that you really DO want him/her/it back.

Keep a low profile for a few months. It’s the only option that doesn’t involve fleeing to French Canada.

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