Oh The Agony! Good Guy Chaser, Jobless & STI Worrier

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Vada Agony Aunt Sam Johnson dishes out this week’s hard, punchy love: Good Guy Chaser, Jobless & STI Worrier.


How do I meet good guys? Everyone I meet sees dating as settling down now. When did this happen?

Say what?

By ‘good guys’ do you mean somewhere to put your penis? Generally the good guys want to settle down because they’re not whores. You’re stuck with the douchebags, I’m afraid.

I’d hazard a guess that it happened sometime in the early ‘90s.

Good luck.

I need a job. Keep applying but it’s been so long and it’s getting a bit pathetic now! Give me a job Vada?

Not a question. Try harder.

The guy asked when I last had a sti test and was really shocked when I said a year ago. Guess that’s bad on my part. I know I have to. Just scared of something serious. Any tips on how to grow some balls and roll with it?

Get a home kit? I think half the worry is going to the place and getting the call from the place and the wait between going to the place and getting the call from the place.

Remember that there isn’t a death sentence issued by clinics anymore. Everything is treatable/manageable.

Man up.

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