Top 10 Albums of 2019

John Preston

1. Lana Del Rey – Norman Fucking Rockwell!

It’s strange to think that Lana Del Rey is still very much the same artist that appeared from nowhere in 2011 with song of the decade, ‘Video Games’, whilst simultaneously she is anything but.

No features and no interludes, this in Lana Del Rey unadulterated and is the very best version of her heard so far. The ability to write songs of this calibre and to perform them with such sincerity and humour and sadness is unmatched.

Norman Fucking Rockwell re-establishes the album format in the age of steaming and pick n mix playlists and Lana Del Rey doesn’t give a fuck, she never really has.

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South London based music obsessive with strong opinions about most things. Doubts Madonna has another good record in her but would love more than anything to be proved wrong.