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Summer is just around the corner so the clock is ticking on getting that perfect beach body for that hot getaway. Vada’s coming with you this summer… But first, it’s time to have a little competition!

Vada is looking to you, our loyal and fabulous readers, to create a mascot fitting for the magazine. The only requirements are that it must be usable online, chic and eye-catching.

vada mascot

The winning entry will be at the forefront of future media campaigns and publications, and will always have the winner’s name credited so that the world can see your fabulous talent and creative flair on show. So, crack out your photoshop, think colour, think style, think Vada and get designing!

You have from June 17th – July 1st to get your entries in so get creating!

The lucky design will see the world as readers take Vada with them on their travels this summer. Vada at the Grand Canyon? Vada in Rio? Vada at Machu Pichu? It’s going to happen.

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Send entries to

Good luck!

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