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vada mascot
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Over the past couple of weeks, you our amazing readers, have been sending in your designs for what you think Vada would look like if it were a mascot. All the entries have been brilliant, the skill and attention to detail outstanding, so first of all I’d like to thank all our entries for spending a lot of time on them. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner.

As a team we thought over what would be unique to the eye, something that made you think about what it was exactly you were looking at, and of course is fabulous in every way.

So without further a due, we introduce to you to our new Mascot, Vada the Zebra! (Scroll down) Congratulations to Christian Watts who was kind enough to provide us with three versions of the design in different colours, for the zebra connoisseurs out there…

Now, here comes the fun part again. As our dedicated readers, we would like you to show us what you’re getting up to this summer by taking a photo of yourself with our new logo and of where you are in the world, and basically making everyone who isn’t away on holiday jealous.

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You can have the image printed out, displayed on a tablet or maybe even redrawn, just as long as you use this hashtag on any of our social media platforms – #wishyouwerevada (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine)

Each month we’ll review everyone’s entries and pick the winner for that month and have your image displayed on our site. Get snapping boys and girls!



vada mascot


vada mascot

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