#WATCH: Questions you shouldn’t ask trans people

Jake Basford

BBC Free Speech released a video on Facebook where various openly trans people, including journalist and campaigner Paris Lees and film-maker and MTS alum Fox Fisher, were asked a variety of questions that people had always wanted to ask trans people, but were afraid to.

Questions included those related to genitalia, sexuality and surgery, and were very intimate in nature. These questions and more are just some of the kinds of questions one shouldn’t politely ask a trans person.

Things You’ve Always Wanted To Ask a Trans Person… But Probably Shouldn’t “What’s the difference between transvestite and transgender?””Which bathroom do you use?””Have you had ‘the op’?” “What do you do in bed?””Are you a drag queen?”We got together some people from the transgender community to pick out questions they often hear. We asked, so you don’t have to!

Posted by BBC Free Speech on Wednesday, 20 May 2015

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