#WATCH: You’re Cute for a Black Guy

A new short film from Cameron Johnson explores the issues some black gay men have faced while dating outside of their race. You’re Cute for a Black Guy, which debuted at Outfest Fusion 2015, features multiple black gay men and their experiences with racism and micro-aggressions.

Topics include how they respond to being told they are cute for a black guy, what their type is, the effect representation has on their self-esteem, and their experiences with dating apps.

Johnson spoke to The Huffington Post about why he made the film. He said, ‘I made this piece because I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t crazy. I couldn’t be the only gay black man who white dates have said insane things to, so I ventured to find others who shared my experiences. What I discovered is that my story isn’t uncommon, it’s just untold … I hope that my work will help to broaden the discussions of what it looks like to be a gay man in 2015, and give people insight into worlds they haven’t understood. Also, seriously never say any of these things to black men again.’

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Watch the short film below: