Avengers: Age of Ultron – Movie Review

I can’t even talk about Avengers. This review may be short because I keep trying to make sentences about how great this movie is but they just turn to mush and pour out of my mouth as weird noises and exasperated sighs …

It was perfect. Seriously though. I went through every emotion I can think of and all I can do is wish Joss Whedon was in front of me so I could kiss his boots.

Glee, wonder, excitement, fear, dread, angst, confusion, disbelief, wonder, awe … Not to mention crazy amounts of lust thanks to Chris Hemsworth’s arms, Chris Evans’ skin-tight under shirts, Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s abs, Jeremy Renner’s flannel shirts and The Hulk’s sheer-rage monster attacks. Ultron was really sassy too. I like me a sassy villain.

Visually, Age of Ultron was a masterpiece. It was beautiful. Everything in the first movie was improved upon threefold. The heroism, the bad-assery, the fight scenes, the destruction, Robert Downey Jr.’s snappy one liners, how frickin intimidated and turned on I was by Black Widow, and the feels – dear lord, help me, all of the feels, every single one of them, right in my face.

Moments in this movie just made me want to cry and I couldn’t decide whether if it was because I was happy, sad or just worried about the fate of the Avengers because I care about them so darn much. I’m so emotionally attached to this franchise.

I’m keeping this spoiler-free because I really need you to go see this movie, but I need to say one thing … Velma Dinkley is Hawkeye’s girlfriend. Velma Dinkley from the Scooby Doo movie. I love Lisa Cardellini. I just love her and it was the best surprise to see her! She’s a brilliant addition to the cast too! More Velma in Avengers 3!

Go see the movie! I wouldn’t advise in 3D though, because the glasses give you a headache, and your brain may explode because it’s that impressive! 10 out of 10! 11 out of 10 for the fight scene in Johannesburg because it was life changing.

Tweet me @scottbalf when you’ve seen it so we can scream random Avengers-related words at each other to express our excitement!

And the after credit scene, I legit almost peed everywhere and couldn’t stop screaming ‘Infinity gauntlet!’ at my best friend.