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As the title would suggest this is a follow up to my previous article ‘Random cosplay hotness‘.

So why not kick off with another picture featuring the wonderfully sexy and amazingly geeky Michael Hamm, sporting his Batman tattoo. Next to him, dressed as Batman villain Deathstroke, is his friend Nathan DeLuca.

Below these two you can find Michael dressed as Robin again, just because I like Robin.

michael hamm cosplay 2

michael hamm robin

I happened across this cosplayer on Tumblr, although he’s not a big name with his own fan following, I definitely think he’s worthy of inclusion here. On the left he’s doing Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians and on the right he’s dressed as a hipster version of Link. You can find his deviantart page here.

jack frost cosplay

At Vada we do love Pokemon, and in honour of the upcoming Ruby and Sapphire remake, here is Ean Dacay as a Pokemon Trainer. You can find his tumblr blog here which is filled with some absolutely lovely photography, so do take a look.

pokemon trainer cosplay

Last time I included the trailer for the upcoming Nightwing: The Series, but I think that leaving out some lovely images was a poor choice and so here they are. You can find out the latest on the fan made series on their Facebook page here.

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nightwing cosplay 2

Gratuitous topless image of series star Danny LaShep:

nightwing cosplay 3

I can’t say that I’m a fan of Mass Effect or Halo, but if this gentleman asked nicely then I would definitely be happy to give them another go. These are the amazing efforts of Andrew Cook from New Zealand. You can find him on Facebook here or watch his tutorials on how to make cosplay weapons on his youtube channel here.

mass effect halo cosplaymass effect cosplay

And to finish off how about a bit of Superman? Okay, it’s not the best cosplay . . . but still.

superman cosplay

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