Are we ready for a queer Dalek?

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Peter Capaldi’s Doctor regeneration hits our screen at the end of the month – but what would he do with an LGBT+ Dalek?

In the new series he is expected to face Davros, the Cybermen, and even the long-dead Sea Devils. The foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker actor is going to face a number of deadly foes. But given the BBC’s political correctness, how will the Doctor deal with this new creature – the proudly queer Dalek?

This picture of a pride-orientated, rainbow-coloured, ‘out’ Dalek, campaigning for LGBT+ rights, can surely not be an enemy of the inclusive Doctor? The Proud Pepperpot has rainbow coloured flags strapped to his previously sinister light bulb protuberances. And his threating skirted spheres are all the colour of the rainbow – very unlike his ‘straight’ predecessors.

Now how Daleks … erm …. get it on with each other, with their sink plugers and stalky eyes is anyone’s guess.  But there’s obviously an issue of equlity going on somewhere. Perhaps Davros insisted that his creations had no emotions, but maybe one. This campaining Dalek shows that once in a while, they like to love. After all who couldn’t love a Dalek that looks like this:

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Are we ready for a queer Dalek? Does this get you in the mood to see Peter Capaldi’s turn as The Doctor? Sound off in the comments and tell us what you think of this rainbow themed alien.

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