DmC: Devil May Cry – A Gaymer’s Review

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When it comes to the main character of the Devil May Cry series, Dante, people have their own opinions on whether they prefer the original look of him or the newer one. Many fans of the series prefer the original, white haired Dante. Seeing how I have never played the original four Devil May Cry games, and have only just gotten into the series because of the fifth one, I much prefer the newer Dante. Why? Because, although silver hair does have its slight appeal to me, I much prefer the short black haired, sexy, young Dante in the latest instalment.

The way the series is set out is in the simple form where the first game is the final one temporally and the fifth game being the first. Kind of like how they produced Star Wars IV-VI before the first three.

At the beginning of the game you see Dante naked being attacked by demons. Sadly, all you get to enjoy is his rather sexy body without the sight of his junk. I agree that wanting to see a video game character’s penis may be disturbing or weird to most people, but to the lucky few gaymers out there, the possibility of seeing your sexy character in the nude makes the game worthwhile. The game is a fun one to play, and I really did enjoy the storyline and the fun fighting scenes. However, I played the game on the most difficult setting you can when you first play through, and I found it too easy. I only ever died once the whole time, and that was because I was not paying enough attention to what was going on.

DmC: Devil May Cry, like Tomb Raider, is a reboot of the franchise. In which Dante, the son of a Demon and Angel, known as a Nephilim, has to cross between this dimension and purgatory to fight against the evil Demon King who wants to take over the human realm by enslaving humanity through the use of a brain controlling drink. Although the idea of being brainwashed by a drink sounds stupid, it is actually possible. Especially, seeing how it has been proven that the level of sugar in fizzy drinks is at the right amount that you do not taste it but the body is aware of it and causes you to dehydrate faster and become thirstier.

The game attempts to convey the feel of a dark and creepy world, with enemies with a look of fear incorporated into their design. During the game play, there are moments in which the scenery and enemies make you feel like this game is taking a dark turn, but the game lacks the actual scary feel that many other games achieve through understatement. The story of the game is of Dante attempting to understand what happened to him during his childhood and to come to grips with his past and future. If you have played the previous games in the series, or know of them, you will know some of what is coming during the game, but there are new aspects that you may learn as time goes by.

The main reason I kept playing was because I did ultimately enjoy the game, however easy I found it. I also wanted to prove to my friend that the game was not as difficult as he was making it out to be. I like to finish games that I start, and it is not too difficult a game that you cannot complete it in one non-stop play through. The fact of Dante being sexy in my eyes was actually the main reason I played, as the game is not that great in comparison with others. But what do you expect, as with every reboot of a game it could shine a new light on old aspects of the series, but equally risks going completely wrong. Luckily for DmC: Devil May Cry, it went well enough for it to be considered play worthy, but other than that it is not that big of a must play for gaymers. More of a, start it so you can enjoy a quick glimpse of a nude Dante, then continue to play if you want, but you will naturally stop if you are not too bothered.

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