Essential things to have in your man cave

Adam Lowe

Getting your man cave right is essential if it’s to become the tranquil oasis of calm and recreation it needs to be. The perfect man cave is a shelter from the storm and an immersive world of imagination and nostalgia equally. Here are our tips for getting it right.


This one seems obvious – but it needs to be stated. Your man cave won’t be perfect until it has the perfect recliner to relax, unwind and watch the gogglebox from! You don’t want a crick in your neck and you do want support for your hips, knees and ankles.


Another one that might seem obvious, but getting the right TV requires forethought. You need to get the best size for the room, so you’re not straining against the glare or craning your neck to see. You might think getting the biggest screen possible is the best thing to do, but if your man cave is small, you don’t want to be pressed against something you can’t fit in your field of vision. Your head should be properly supported (either by a cushion or chair, or by avoiding pressure on your neck) while you watch to avoid chronic neck pain. This is directly impacted by your choice of recliner above.

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Games consoles

Whether you’re an XBox lover, a Playstation fanatic or a retro Megadrive enthusiast, you need your favourite console installed in pride of place. Make sure there isn’t a tangle of wires jutting from your TV and also make sure the wires are long enough to reach the HDMI port (or SCART!) and plug socket. Of course, handhelds are also a strong choice – and with apps like AndroGens you can simulate many old-school games on your tablet or mobile phone.

Board and card games

From Poo! to Cards Against Humanity, from Hero Quest to Risk, there are plenty of games you can store in your man cave. If you’re generally against clutter, many games have digital versions, which allows you to slay beasties and gather coins in D&D or play online games like live Roulette without any risk of papercuts! Our current favourite card game right now is Burke’s Gambit (an Ultimate Werewolf-style game inspired by Aliens).

Movie tributes

Okay, we’ve all got them. Giant-sized posters of Home Alone, Akira or A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. These can bring life (and retro kudos) to your walls and make a statement. You can also add in figurines, special merchandise, and that handmade Batman outfit you wore once six years ago and which is wasted at the back of your closet. Surround yourself in nostalgia. It promotes feelings of comfort and frankly it’s essential.


If your friends visit, they’ll need somewhere to sit, and it’s not always practical to cram six recliners in. Instead, stock up on a variety of cushions, poufs, stools and ottomans. It also makes for a nice soft fall should anyone drink too much!

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You might love foosball, ping-pong or darts – all of which are great options for your man cave. Make sure you create a safe space for the more active pursuits to take place – there’s no point putting your ping-pong table beside a glass cabinet that you elbow every 30 seconds! But these finishing touches really allow you to show off your own personality.

Sound off in the comments with your own suggestions for the perfect man cave!

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