Game review: Volume – PlayStation Vita

Simon Blish

It really is no surprise that Robin Hood is and will remain one of the most popular characters and adventure situations for games, film and all round general entertainment providers. Who does not like a character that robs from the rich and instead of grabbing all the ill-gotten gains for themselves, then gives to the more worthy poor? Ah, there is nothing better than a good old fashioned, illegal philanthropist!

Some of the past Robin Hood offerings have included comedies like Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Marion and Her Merry Men, and movies like the Hunger Games which adapt some of the old themes in a new setting. There are even online sites like Robin Hood Bingo offering a fun-packed themed bingo game based on everything to do with the aforesaid Mr Hood. And who can forget the Doctor Who episode ‘Robot of Sherwood’?

One of the latest spins on the Robin Hood legend is Volume and after the brilliance that was Mike Bithell’s debut, Thomas was Alone, this follow-up project of a modern day Robin Hood looked good from the outset.

You can play using your PlayStation 4, but many wanted to play through the title on their PS Vita, and once more they were right as Volume on the PlayStation Vita does not disappoint. In fact it’s hard to put the game down once you begin and the PS Vita version retains the playability of the earlier PS4 version.

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Keeping with modern times, Volume proves to be a clever game. You play the petty thief Robert Locksley who happens upon the device called ‘Volume’. Volume was initially meant to be used as part of a secret military coup, but this bit of kit is now used by Robert to simulate high profile heists.

Streaming these heists online in the form of ‘Let’s Play’ makes it possible for those watching to pick up some great tips, enabling them to steal from the rich and give to the poor. With excess of 90 core heist simulations that you can attempt, which form Volume’s story mode, each one lasts between two and five minutes. Collect all the gems to activate the exit – and of course you have to make it to the exit without being caught.

The pure stealth experience of Volume keeps you in a set area unlike other stealth games which offer you a great deal of freedom. Volume makes you use whatever equipment you have to hand in order to survive in that particular environment.

Volume could be called one of, if not, the best stealth game in recent years. It’s a challenge without the frustration with new enemies encountered, new gadgets found and new objects for you to interact with as you progress through the game. The features are cleverly introduced into a level before the previous one becomes too old and this keeps game play flowing and enjoyable for a longer period of time.

Besides the game’s core levels, there is a level editor where you can make your own simulations – then you can upload them for the whole world to try for themselves. The level editor offers a great range of customisation for creative players, who can create something rather special.

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Volume on the PlayStation Vita is a brilliant game and Just Add Water have done a superb job porting the title over to the handheld. It’s a game worthwhile of any gamer.

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