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Gaming and gaying are two worlds that almost inevitably experience difficulties throughout your youth as you grow-up and become an adult. Both experience bullying and mocking during puberty and both must come to terms with who they are, and become used to what is involved with who they are.

Admittedly, being a gamer is less confusing and difficult to deal with than being gay, but from my experience of knowing both gay people and gamers, within both some people manage to come to terms with either quickly. And for some, coming to terms with either can be difficult and take time. I know it may be hard to believe, but think about it, some people who are gamers, may deny being a gamer and their preference to stay at home with video games rather than going out.

When it comes to coming to terms with who you are, I guess for some, they can have gay experiences at 12-years-old or younger, and come to terms with their sexuality at an equally young age, or younger. For me, I did not come to terms with it until I was around 18-years-old. You can say the same for gamers. Some may deny being a gamer to try to seem cool, or popular, whilst for me, I accepted being a gamer at 6-years-old and made friends with other gamers.

Being gay is hard to come to terms with for some, and for some people it can take many years before they feel comfortable enough to have sex or kiss someone of the same sex. Being geeky and loving video games, or even just loving video games, can make you a target of bullying at school, and although it is inarguably different to being gay, both can experience the mockery and bullying simply because of who they are. Gamers go through a rough time in their lives during those somewhat rough teens just like gay people. We need a dual, unjudgmental acceptance, as both gay and a gamer.

From a personal perspective, I know that I am treated differently for being both a gamer and gay. Mainly by gays, because some do not consider me a ‘proper’ gay because I have more interest in games than men. Being both gay and a gamer does make my life different to most people. People at school had two things to pick on me for: the fact I am gay and that I am a geeky gamer. But ultimately, why fight who you are?

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