How to avoid back pain

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Most people suffer from back pain. While some pains are not serious, some are severe. Common causes of back pain are lifting heavy things, pulled muscles and sleeping in a bad position.  

Sleep and Sit in the Right Posture

Many cases of back pain result from sleeping or sitting in a poor position. This leads to muscles getting strained which can lead to pain. Make sure you sit properly and avoid sitting in the same position for a long time – this is especially important if you find yourself stuck playing games online for hours at a time.

The back needs to be stretched here and there by moving around a bit. Sleep on your side or back while there is a pillow in-between or under your arms and back.

Exercise Regularly

A person who doesn’t exercise is more likely to suffer from back pain. Stretch your back more often or take walks, this keeps your back muscles in good shape. There are back exercises you can watch and learn from professional trainers. Exercising is recommended as an effective back pain cure.

Eat A Balanced Diet

Poor diet can cause back pain due to lack of nutrients in the body. These are needed to improve flexibility and mobility. In addition, also drink more water to increase your blood flow. Eat healthier snacks like crudites and olives, instead of crisps and chocolate.

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Consider Buying A Massage Chair

Massaging your back more often is important to avoid back aches. Technology has made is it easy for us – now we can massage our backs in the comfort of your home or office. The massage chair is equipped with deep massage function which is able to relax back aching muscles.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Items

Lifting heavy objects can cause back pain because it may pull your back muscles. Avoid lifting heavy things from your waist and on your feet. It is much better to kneel down and lift the object with the help of your stomach. Heavy items must be pushed not pulled.

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