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Dice games have been around for ages. In fact, there have been around for so long that archaeologists and scientists cannot pinpoint an exact date or era for their origin. What experts do agree on, though, is that dice games started popping up independently all around the world. The earliest ‘dice’ were fruit pits, pebbles, and seashell, as well as bones. Initially, dice were not used for games but for religious purposes – predicting the future by interpreting signs from the Gods, to be precise.

Over the centuries, dice games have evolved and changed, but they are still popular in the 21st century. One of the most popular dice games is Snakes and Ladders. Initially started in India, it is now a classic all over the world. Played between two or more players, this game encapsulates what dice games are all about – sheer luck. This dice-based board game is basically a race between the players to escape the snakes and use the ladders to finish first.

Given the way the world works now, everything is digital. Although during vacation or on off days, you can still play dice games on a board with your friends and family, it is now more common to play such dice games online during downtime and as a way to relax. Dice games such as Ludo, Poker Dice and Beetle as well as Liar’s Che are now available digitally to be played at a time and a mobile device that suits you.

In fact, dice games are now also available on Xbox. One of the most popular and fun games on the video game console is Voodoo Dice. Released in May 2010, in this game, all you do is dice through a path containing different obstacles such as conveyors and trap doors. There are 60 levels for a single player and 20 levels for the multiplayer system. What is unique and interesting about Voodoo Dice is that it combines action and logic, but this is a very challenging and rigid dice game that could leave you frustrated. For example, the biggest initial problem is that when you roll your dice, there is another dice blocking your path. This means that you will need a certain level of skills to get around it. Such obstacles are present throughout the 60 levels (or 20 levels in a multiplayer system), which makes it hugely challenging.

Another popular dice game that has made its way to Xbox is Yahtzee. First invented in the 1940s, the object of the game is is to score points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations. It is one of the most simplest and basic of dice games, and it is not hard to understand why it is popular on mobile devices. Such is the popularity of the game that 50 million copies are sold worldwide and over 100 million people play this game on a regular basis. There are Yahtzee tournaments online as well as daily challenges to keep you entertained.

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Another online dice game that is quite popular is Casino Craps. In this game, the players bet on the outcome of the roll or a series of rolls of a pair of dice. What is interesting about this dice game is that some websites allow you to use bitcoins to wager bets on the outcome of the dice. Bitcoin craps is a new and exciting way of playing the age-old dice game of craps using ‘new money’ (bitcoins).

Dice games have evolved over the years, but with the growth of the online market and the casino industry over the internet, they are very much popular to this day. There is no need to need to bring out the board from the cupboard; all you need to enjoy such games is log into the internet, and Xbox’s range of games shows that even console gamers haven’t forgotten the humble die…

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