Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Gay Character

Bioware is really stepping up its game for Dragon Age: Inquisition! It’s been confirmed that a main party member in the new line up is homo-fabulous; the first in Bioware’s entire arsenal of games. Yes, gender-specific characters are being integrated into our games and it’s proving wonderful!

Dorian, a powerful elemental mage, will be a love interest for male Inquisitors as announced on the game’s Facebook page. He is a self-exiled fighter that leaves his family and his homeland because he refuses to participate in the façade of everything being perfect in his society and a smile being smacked on anything imperfect – sound familiar?

David Gaider is very excited for Dorian’s involvement in the game as he hasn’t had the chance to write for an openly gay character before, whilst relating to his own sexuality, and is hoping he will come across to the fans as a fully realised character.

And… and… and… He’s got a moustache!

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