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Point and Clickbait today published a hilarious satire of fan reactions to diversity in fantasy after some people complained about the 2014 introduction of a transgender character in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Remember when people complained that a mythical god in Thor couldn’t be played by a black man? Or when they argued that Hobbits could only be white because it’d stretch the imagination too much if imaginary little men with hairy feet were brown? Well, Tim Colwill lampoons those attitudes perfectly.

“It just doesn’t make sense to have them in the world like that,” insisted Burke as he called forth bolts of lightning from his hands to incinerate his enemies, before leaping six stories into the air and slamming down again.

Burke punctuated his statement on realism by cleaving his sword through a pack of snarling wolves, each of whom dropped a full set of plate armour, health potions and unspoiled, ready-to-eat food.

Character Cremisius ‘Krem’ Aclassi is said to be Dragon Age’s first transgender character, and people are still talking about him two years later. The game’s Wiki says:

Krem is the first transgender character to appear in a BioWare game. Although Maevaris Tilani debuted in Dragon Age: Those Who Speak and Serendipity appeared in Dragon Age II, the former has yet to appear in-game and the latter is intended to be a drag queen and not a transwoman.

Earlier character Maevaris Tilani is supposedly based on iconic actor and writer Mae West.

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Check the article out at Point and Clickbait if you want to read more.

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