E3 2014 – My pick of the Games

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

Albeit it somewhat annoying as it doesn’t reveal too many details, this trailer has offered the gaming community a glimmer of hope. For some the Tomb Raider franchise was what brought them into this world of high definition graphics and fast-pace thumb movements. I look forward to updates on this to see what is next after Lara Croft’s latest outing in her rebooted universe.

assassins creedunity

Assassins Creed Unity
Edith Piaf has been replaced by Lorde with her dark rendition of Everybody Wants to Rule the World as we are welcomed to Paris during the height of the French Revolution. Whilst previous versions of the game could only handle 100 people per street scene, Unity can capacitate 5000. This both increases the depth of reality but also enables the character to disappear into the crowd more effectively. The graphics are stunning and filled with historical details which are a feast for the eye (especially if your boyfriend is the one playing and you are the one waiting for some of his attention). One thing however which will possibly cause controversy is the omission of playable female-characters due to “time constraints”.

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far cry 4

Far Cry 4
Welcome to Kyrat a small mountain nation with scenery reminiscent of Bhutan and Tibet, but like both these regions in real life peace is not abundant. We follow character Ajay Ghale as he returns to his home to scatter his dead mother’s ashes. Rebellion is in the air and so are dangers as Ubisoft have gone vertical allowing greater depth of environment and attacks available from above, so watch out. Once again the graphics are splendid offering next-gen graphics. Some interesting features include being able to kick (not only your enemies ass), being able to shoot whilst driving(but you can’t drink, that’s just unethical!) and ELEPHANTS. Yes elephants…

shadow of mordor

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Now my little brother is a MAJOR fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy so I was quite disappointed when I dashed to tell him of this release and he rolled his eyes and said “I know”. The new title has not only great storylines and rounded characters but it has taken AI to a new level with elemets of sociology being brought in. Hierachy and relationships exist between opponents and you need to exercise some diplomacy. The villain has an amazing story showing how evil is not born but developed and nurtured within the dark confines of one’s cold heart.
But the winner is….

alpha sapphire

POKEMON – Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Now this is where the real gamers with tut is disgust at the audacity to include such a title on this list, but in my defence it’s a CLASSIC. Also it’s the only game which I can say ‘I Choose You’ to. Now whilst these other games all include some form of violence, Pokemon has some sort of innocent candy-floss like sweetness to it, which makes it both endearing and enduring. And come on, seriously? Far Cry 4 might have elephants, Shadow of Mordor may has orcs, Tomb Raider may have Lara Croft and Assassins creed might have Lorde, but no one beats Pikachu.

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