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E3 ‘s tech and hardware releases this year are few and far in between. However two pieces of tech stand out this year, Nvidia’s Shield and Sony’s Project Morpheus (pictured above).

Project Morpheus

Virtual Reality is now a reality. For years we have wondered when we could fully enter the digital world and make it tangible like Neo in the  classic Matrix films. Sony has taken tips from Nintendo and asked the user to become fully immersed within the game meaning that no longer will we be toggling out controller but we will be wielding swords, guns and more. The kinks have been ironed out and Sony have taken the bold step to start to make the aesthetics of the product better.

Nvidia Shield headline

Nvidia Shield

This awesome piece of tech takes gaming into a new era. Whilst businesses have taken advantage of the benefits of Cloud storage now gamers can too as the Nvidia Shield takes all your games installed on your PC and makes them available anywhere around the world with a good internet connection. It comes with a sleek console-quality game controller with a nifty fold-away screen. However parents should be concerned as telling the kids to go play outside is no longer going to make them put their game on hold.

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Do you like the look of this new hardware? Have you been loving the tech coverage from E3 this year. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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